This is by far the strangest blog post of my life. It’s about pee. But I mean everyone does it so it’s fine. Yea, yea, yea I know good luck explaining this one to my future employer. Anyways, while on the Trans Siberian from Moscow to Beijing my friends Madeline and Jason Rife and Garrett Armstrong noticed that I peed a lot. So instead of boring you with my information overload blog about everything I did, ate, slept on and saw I just decided to sum up the trip with the places that I peed. And just for the record on some of the days I peed multiple times at the same place (I’m staying hydrated Grammy don’t worry!) I think it is safe to say that I left my mark…

August 3rd- Moscow

August 4th- Moscow

  • Red Square– “port a potty”
  • Alexandrovsky Gardens in the Kremlin

    Presidential Regiment’s Cavalry

  • Diamond Fund in the Kremlin
  • Ivan the Terrible Dungeon Bar near the Red Square
  • The CubaHostel
  • Coffee House in China Town, Moscow
  • Train from Moscow to St. Petersburg

August 5th- St. Petersburg

August 6th- St. Petersburg

  • Peterhof Palace
  • Subway Restaurant on Nevsky Prospect
  • Train from St. Petersburg to Moscow

August 7th- Moscow

  • Starbucks on Arbat Street
  • Movie Theater at Arabatskay Metro
  • Train from St. Petersburg to Ekaterinburg

August 8th- Ekaterinburg

August 9th- Ekaterinburg

  • Church of All Saints where the Romanov family was executed
  • Uralski Pelmini Restaurant with our amazing tour guides of the city: Dima, Olga and Tanya! Thank you again!

    Olga, Tanya, Garrett, Dima and the Rifes in Ekaterinburg

  • IKEA Mall after seeing the Europe-Asia Continental Divide

August 10/11th- Train

  • 55 hour train from Ekaterinburg to Irkutsk

August 12th- Irkutsk

August 13th- Listvyanka

  • Lake Baikal

    One of the food booths at the local baazar

  • Mountain near lake
  • Port a potties near cafe
  • Administration building of Listvyanka
  • Irkutsk train station

August 14th- Train

  • Train from Irkutsk to Ulaan Baator, Mongolia

    Our train car waiting to be attached to another train that would eventually take us to Ulaan Baatar

  • Mongolian check point

August 15th- Ulaan Baatar

August 16th- Train

  • Train from Ulaan Baatar to Beijing

    Arriving in Beijing. Trans Siberian complete!

August 17th- Beijing

  • Sunrise Hostel
  • Restaurant near Silk Market

    What’s for dinner? Spicy chicken, eggplant, lamb and one of Jason’s pig ears!

August 18th- Beijing

  • Famous restaurant where Jackie Chan once ate

    With pipe broken, you can take piss only please!

  • The Great Wall
  • McDonalds near the Donghuamen Night Market

August 19th- Beijing to Konotop

  • Beijing Airport
  • Flight from Beijing to Kiev
  • Kiev Airport
  • Kiev Train Station
  • Train from Kiev to Konotop